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Training -Export Procedure & Documentation

The basics

  • What is Export?
  • What are the steps to begin exporting?
  • What can I export from India?
  • What are the export payment methods and options?
  • Letter of Credits
  • Common Discrepancies in a letter of credit
  • What is a Freight Forwarder ? & What is a Customs Broker?
  • How Can I Find A Freight Forwarder and/or Customs Broker?
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Shipping Glossary

Logistics and export documentation

  • What are the export and import procedures?
  • What is the various document to be filed in processing shipping bill?
  • What are the Promotional Measures
  • What is the difference between an importer, agent and distributor?
  • What is a Certificate of Origin (CO)?
  • What is an ATA Carnet?
  • What is a Customs tariff?
  • What are Incoterms?

Trade resources

  • Selection & size of Market
  • Selection & Size of Containers
  • Preparing your product for export
  • How should I Transport my Product 
  • Checklist for Document preparation & Examination
  • Managing your export risk – ECGC – the right choice.
  • Export Marketing Plan
  • Helping Hints for New Exporters
  • Service & information for the exporters & Importers
  • Useful information, that you can downloads from our web site for fr.