Entrepreneurial Development

If you have the entrepreneurial spark, we make sure that it bursts, we believe its never too early or too late to learn how to start up your own business, all you need a starting point to pick a place to begin.

  • Where to start?
  • What kind of business that you will succeed in?
  • Area/geographical region to target.
  • Are your going to open the right kind of business at the right time?
  • The policies procedure laid down by the Government.

Radical ideas take shape in young minds, Our innate aim is to create entrepreneurship & that’s why we are are organizing one week workshop, aimed at youths who want to know more about how they can make their ideas happen.

To be a successful entrepreneur,

  • surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs,
  • people those who think like you,
  • search the right partner & build a winning team,
  • expand your network, to shape your idea into reality.
Workshop to study the Import and export potential from India.

A webinar is being organised with the objective to help ambitious entrepreneur looking their career in import & export to enable them to explore the area of work where we can work together in the Logistics Supply chain Management.

This study will include the visit to the Industrial Unit, prepare the profile of company, then using the most up-to-date financial information available, analyze the cost from Ex-work to port of discharge, final destination, study the feasibility, make the a comparative analyses, prepare export marketing plan, decide market entry strategies and action plan accordingly.

There are unlimited opportunities for you to make a mark in the Import & Export Business. Analyses, explore the world full of opportunities, be a part of our comprehensive market research programme. Join us for latest news & update regarding upcoming Networking event nearby your locality.