We are one of the fastest growing container leasing Company. The used shipping containers are available in various shape and sizes as detailed below. Generally, shipping container prices vary based on the various factor such as age, structural condition, size, location or Source transportation of these Container & material used to manufacture these containers delivery ( and other ) fee upfront.

The structural condition of the container mainly depends on the condition of various components as detailed below.

Normal size
  • 20’X8’X8.6′ ( 20 feet container )
  • 40’X8’X8.6’9 (40 feet container )
High Cube container
  • 40’X8’X9.6′
  • 45’X8’X9.6′

Further, these containers are classified depending upon the

  • Open Top Container
  • Ventilated Container
  • Flat track Container
  • Refrigerated Container
Tank Containers

The tank containers are also available for the transportation of liquid chemicals and foodstuffs. The selection & size of the container depending upon the type of material to be transported. This container includes two basic elements, Tank and the Framework.The capacity of these containers  varies from 17.500 – 25.000 litres

The ISO- ( International Organization for Standardization ) has classified the container into following categories IMO -1 TO IMO-5. As per IMO-0/IMO-2 are the food grade container used for handling the material like wine, beer etc