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Export Pricing

The logistics cost of exporter and importer mainly depends upon cargo handling cost in the port, shipping freight and allied charges to be paid by the exporter.

These allied Charges are the inland transportation of export goods up to gateway port, wharfage of the port, labour handling, loading unloading charges, customs house agents fees, documentation charges of a shipping line, insurance premium, the commission of bank are the main component of transaction cost.

In addition, the international container shipping line imposes various charges on the trade. So before you decide Import or Export from India you may consult our team whether it is feasible to import or Export.

Costs to include when setting export prices
  • Shipping ex-factory to port of departure
  • Air or sea freight and insurance
  • Import duty and taxes Customs clearance/broker fee Ground transportation from port of entry to the warehouse or the customer
  • Warehouse fees Break-bulk fees, if third party warehouse applies 
  • Agent’s commission or importer’s mark-up
Invest in India

Maritime trade is becoming an increasingly important dimension of India’s growing economy. India today stands as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As a nation India exports and Import over 10,000 commodities from nearly 200 regions across the world.

With such an influx of trade all along the counties shores, the need for Containers and machinery required for loading and unloading of cargoes on ships, Inland containers Depot/ Container Freight stations has increased tremendously.

Sourcing A product from India

India is a large country and each area has got its unique speciality to offer. India is an ideal destination from where to can think to import Metal Craft, Pottery & Stone Craft, Wood Craft, Precious & Semi-Precious Stone, Painting, Textile, Furniture, Floor Covering etc. ( More ) 

To these Handicrafts you may Import and sell in your country to generate profit .We can help you to source the product as per your requirement .We have a network of established manufacturer do join us at the India International Trade Fair which is going to be held from 14 November to 27. November 2019 in New Delhi.This year we are exhibiting Flooring covering.