Buy a shipping container

Broaden your investment horizons by buying  a shipping container or two, and lease them as you know India alone exports and Import over 10,000 commodities.  About 95% the world’s manufactured goods are imported or exported using these shipping containers. These Shipping Containers are also as intermodal containers. With such an influx of trade all along the counties shores, the need for Containers has increased tremendously..

For more than three decades, investing in shipping containers has been regarded as one of the safest and most guaranteed investment opportunities available. The constant, ever-growing need to transport cargo to and from world markets ensures an infinite need for shipping containers.

Unlike the share market or the bitcoin that you purchase there is always uncertainty. The prices of the stock market fluctuate depending upon the market. Whereas in purchasing bitcoins you are investing money in an unregulated scheme, with no physical assets. The Banks are also paying very low term deposit interest rate.



So why don’t  you buy a Shipping Container and  broaden your investment horizons and buy a shipping container or two, and lease them. Investors can expect a 10 to 12 % return on their investment.

We at Arion Logistics guarantee to pay you assured rate of return at the rate of 10% per annum. It is considered as a trouble-free investment. Pay the money, sit back and wait for the returns to roll in.

Containers are generally constructed of aluminum or steel with each container size and type built according to the same ISO specifications. The two most important, and most commonly used sizes today, are the 20-foot and 40-foot lengths.

Every container has its own unique unit number that can be used to identify who owns the container, who is using the container to ship goods and even track the container’s whereabouts anywhere in the world.

Generally, shipping container prices will vary based on the various factor such as age, condition, size, location or Source, transportation of these Container & material used to manufacture these containers delivery ( and other ) fee upfront. A rough idea before you plan to invest/buy a shipping container is given below


  • Used 20 Foot Shipping Container: around US$2,000
  • New 20 Foot Shipping Container: around US$3,000
  • Used 40 Foot Shipping Container: around US$2,200
  • New 40 Foot Shipping Container: around US$ 4,500