About Us

Around the world and round the clock, we at Arion Logistic work to ensure the safety and timely delivery of your consignments. We offer you a complete range of e-business solutions to manage your shipments online.

We are connected through the Regional Agency Interface to manage your entire shipping requirement. Our range of services includes Cargo handling, rent lease the Containers.

These containers are available for a minimum period of three months (13 weeks) on lease or on rent & maximum period of three years (156 weeks). The Lease can be executed within the network or the around the trip lease on the execution of Lease Deed.

We at Arion Logistics have started with a group of few people and today we have grown to a significant number through our direct and partner team. You would be surprised to note that our presence can be felt in more than 35 countries in 110 ports worldwide. This year we are celebrating, our successful networking partnership in more than 100 ports worldwide and still counting

As a nation India exports and Import over 10,000 commodities from nearly 200 regions across the world. With such an influx of trade all along the counties shores, the need for Containers and machinery required for loading and unloading of cargoes on ships, Inland containers Depot/ Container Freight stations has increased tremendously.

You may plan to set up a Container Freight Stations / Inland Container Depot in India or may join us as our franchise partner to rent or lease a container.